Living the dream – the Ride Inn rebels

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It’s not very often that you come across a couple who gives up the comfort and glamour of city life to opt for the serenity of the mountains. They say travelling is addictive, and once you’ve tasted the mountain air, it’s almost impossible to get back to the chaos of urban life.  It sure turned out to be true for Snehal and Godwin, both Mumbaites and professional hair stylists to celebs, who after their six month road trip across India and Nepal (of which much was spent in the mountains) found it impossible to settle back in the city, and decided to make the mountains their home. Theirs is a story of determination, and the will to live the mountain life; something most of us crave and add to our wish list, but seldom manage to fulfill.

Not only did Snehal and Godwin make the mountains their home, they also inspired other bikers to start their motorcycles and head for the hills, offering them the coolest place to halt before heading to the mighty Himalayas – Ride Inn Café! It’s become a ‘must visit’ place for bikers enroute Ladakh via Manali and why not? After all, it’s one of the best rooftop biker café the country has.

We had a little chat with them and here’s what they have to say.

What was the first thing that came up to your mind while embarking on this journey?

The first thing that came to our minds while embarking on this journey was that it was time to step out of our comfort zone and embark into the unknown and see and experience what the universe had in store for us! Just do it.. Its now or never….

What made you quit your lucrative job in the city and opt for the quaint life in the hills? Was it the love for motorcycling, or any other reason that you decided to undertake this adventure?

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It was a combination of wanting a better quality of life and the love of motorcycling, because it was our ride across India that made us quit our jobs and taught us that there was a better life out there and for us there was no better place than the mountains that would give us the quality and the simple life we were craving for!

At any point during the journey, did you feel like giving up? If yes, can you state the moment?

Yes many times we felt it … living in the Himalayas sounds and looks rosy but it also has its share of challenges like getting used to the environment  , surroundings, culture. Being hairstylists by profession it was tough for us initially to get settled and found it difficult to sustain but our persistence to not give up prevailed and thankfully we stumbled upon the idea of Ride Inn

Do you miss the Bombay madness? What is it about the city that you miss the most?

We definitely don’t miss the madness of Bombay but yes what we miss immensely is Wada Pav !;)

What according to you are the perks of living in the hills?

ride inn6

The biggest perk of living in the hills is that our needs are not that many! We wake up in the mornings having a cup of coffee and see the mighty Himalayas in front of us with a smile on our faces… What more can we ask for!


What is it that you love the most about Ride INN?

The best part of Ride Inn would be the furniture fabricated out of old motorcycle parts complimented by good positive energy created by our guests.

What’s your best motorcycling trip so far?

ride inn3

Our best motorcycling trip till date has to be our 6 month journey across India and Nepal. It was this constant travel for 6 months that brought about a deep change within us and changed our outlook on life and subsequently led to the birth of Ride Inn.


Five things about Snehal and Godwin that no one knows

  1. Snehal lived in New Zealand for a year and was cutting hair there
  2. Godwin and Snehal lived in Bermuda for 4 years
  3. Godwin was  a table tennis player and coach earlier
  4. Snehal is a football fanatic and has even broken her tv screen and her wrist (separate occasions) when results have gone perfect!
  5. Godwin fears the ocean, Snehal fears flying!

If you’re planning on heading to the mountains via Manali, then I’ll definitely recommend staying at Ride Inn. And while you’re there do try out the butter garlic trout fish that Godwin himself dishes out. And if fish doesn’t suit your palette, then the Himachali chicken curry and Sattu will surely be a gastronomical delight or you.

Here’s how you can get in touch with Ride Inn


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