Mahindra Nuvosport

The Quanto replacement reviewed. 


When Mahindra first introduced the Quanto to the Indian market, we didn’t really know how to react. It was a smaller version of the Xylo, but with a really unattractive rear. It had takers primarily because of the space and its SUV-ish appearance, along with the fact that it could seat seven and came with a peppy engine. Other aspects of the Quanto didn’t really appeal to masses which resulted in declined sales. Come 2016 and Mahindra decided to do away with the Quanto, but only to replace it with the Nuvosport. The new machine now rests on the monoladder chassis of the new Scorpio and carries some ingredients from its predecessor. We tested the machine last week and here’s what we think of it! Continue reading

Why a Royal Enfield?

imagesWe all know that lately the number of women riding motorcycles has increased exponentially, and the choice of motorcycle for a lot of this growing crop is a Royal Enfield. In the last 5 years itself I’ve seen so many women around me, and in the motorcycling circuit opt for an RE. Why? I didn’t really have a concrete answer, but just a few thoughts. So in order to understand why are so many women flocking towards a certain brand I decided to conduct a poll. The question was

Why do you think most women motorcyclists are actively buying #RoyalEnfield in the last 2-3 years?”

The answers and the results are:

  • Because everyone is – 19%
  • Stamp of a serious biker – 33%
  • No other choice – 12%
  • To show female machoism – 36%

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The number game

Numbers, they’re usually associated with math, calculations and statistics. And we all know the bigger the number the better it is. Numbers and their values reflect in our daily lives as well; we work with them or around them in some way or the other. I guess the best connection between humans and numbers is followers. It’s a proven fact that someone with large followers is a testimony to their popularity, case in point – the number of babas and preachers who are thriving in the country sheerly based on the number of people who follow them.

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Six car fixes that every woman should know


Women in general are considered bad drivers, and it’s a strong belief that they seldom understand things under a car’s hood. Though I agree with the former to quite an extent, I also believe that the latter is more about practice, and using one’s logic and curiosity. There may be times when a woman may need to take a peek under the bonnet to check the health of her car; and knowing what to look for and in what place certainly makes the task at hand easier. Also add to this the fact that women doing anything mechanical, be it with a car or a bike is a huge turn on. Think Megan Fox in transformers, it made your jaw kiss the floor!

In this blog post I list down six car things that you as a woman driver should definitely know. This will not only aid in your knowledge of cars, but will also give you the confidence to maintain, and check the upkeep of your beloved machine on a regular basis. A few of these skills will require you to open the bonnet of your car, which I assume you already know. So let’s get started… Continue reading

Living the dream – the Ride Inn rebels

ride inn2

It’s not very often that you come across a couple who gives up the comfort and glamour of city life to opt for the serenity of the mountains. They say travelling is addictive, and once you’ve tasted the mountain air, it’s almost impossible to get back to the chaos of urban life.  It sure turned out to be true for Snehal and Godwin, both Mumbaites and professional hair stylists to celebs, who after their six month road trip across India and Nepal (of which much was spent in the mountains) found it impossible to settle back in the city, and decided to make the mountains their home. Theirs is a story of determination, and the will to live the mountain life; something most of us crave and add to our wish list, but seldom manage to fulfill.

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